Dr. Bede Nwete

Vice President, New Age Africa Energy, UK

Dr. Bede is a commercial/energy and upstream tax and finance lawyer and contracts manager. He has extensive experience in contract negotiation, supplier management, upstream taxation and finance, and contract administration. His focus is delivering top-notch legal, commercial, tax, finance, and business advisory services in the international oil and gas industry. This includes strategy development, negotiation, fiscal regime analysis, reviewing and drafting various upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas contracts, financing agreements, and other commercial agreements. He offers legal and business advice on a wide range of industry-related issues.

Dr. Bede has in-depth knowledge of oil and gas law, mineral and petroleum taxation, and project financing. He places a high priority on mitigating project risks and has worked on upstream taxation, project finance, human rights, ethical procurement, corporate social responsibility, and social policy issues in the oil and gas industry. He has consulted for governments, the UNDP, the African Petroleum Producers Association, NOCs/IOCs, and joint ventures on topics such as licensing, oil and gas laws/legislation, policy issues, production sharing contracts, joint operating agreements, farm-in and farm-out agreements, fiscal regimes, local content issues, company law, commercial practice, compliance, ethics, and corporate governance.

He is the African editor of the Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence (OGEL) publication. He has spoken at major international oil and gas conferences, taught oil and gas courses, and is widely published in the fields of oil and gas law, corporate social responsibility/human rights, petroleum taxation and finance, company law, and production sharing contracts. His specialties include dispute resolution, contract negotiations, petroleum taxation and financing, petroleum fiscal regime analysis, market development, supplier management, strategy development, upstream commercial transactions, international petroleum law and policy development, company law, corporate and commercial practice, compliance, ethics, and corporate governance.

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